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Were you there in 1993?

At long last, NeXTWORLD Expo 93 has been revealed -- by Don Hurter,
in a five-part narrative just published in the February issue of
Sirius News.

The second installment in his multiple-article series related to
the NeXT-Apple merger, Don's lengthy narrative exposes the
underbelly of computer trade shows, and is peopled with a cast of
characters many of you already know.

(Yours truly is quoted, along with Dan Lavin, Joe Barello, Charles
Perkins, Eric P. Scott, and quite a few others.:)

It's an accurate, amusing, and truthful read, if I do say so
myself... and I read (edited, coded :) the *whole thing*!

Sit down with a cup of coffee (or 2), and enjoy.

DonTime: A Belated Expo Report:
Ingenuous Writings from a Different Era
-- NeXTWORLD "Ironman" EXPO 93, by Don Hurter, at:

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