How to buy a serial port switch

Dan Kohn (
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 11:57:07 -0800

I need a simple, two-port A/B switch for a DB9 serial port so I can
easily switch between 1) my new Microsoft IntelliMouse with the
scrolling wheel (yes, it's cool, but it goes insane if you try to use
it on the mouse port of a laptop) and 2) my USR Pilot (which is a great

The retailer I normally use, PC Connection, doesn't carry it, so I
wanted to find a Web store that offered the switch, FedEx shipping, and
SSL security.

I gave up in frustration after 15 minutes! Yahoo returns 1,903 PC
retailers, and Alta Vista gave me lots of false leads and broken links.

A) Does anyone know where I can buy the damn switch?

B) Is there a more general solution than word of mouth? Could PICS
labeling be used for this by an editorial company?

- dmk

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