draft ATW Call For Participation

Ron Resnick (resnick@interlog.com)
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 17:01:40 -0500 (EST)

On behalf of COOTS97, here's a CFP that might be of interest to those of
us interested in collaborative distributed object systems... Pretty
cool:I especially like the addition of the "Fault tolerance and reliability
of components" bullet - it's about time this one got a bit more attention, IMO.


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>From: Steve Vinoski <vinoski@iona.com>
>Subject: draft ATW Call For Participation
>Hi all,
>Below find the draft Call For Participation for the COOTS Advanced
>Topics Workshop. Please get back to me asap if you recommend changes
>or additions. Please copy Rajendra Raj <rkr@ms.com> as well with
>your feedback, as he has volunteered to chair the ATW.
>Advanced Topics Workshop: "Software Components: Integration and
>This one-day post-conference workshop will focus on issues surrounding
>the rapid integration and dynamic collaboration of prefabricated
>components. The workshop topics include, but are not limited to,
>experiences and analyses of the following:
> * Innovative applications of component software
> * Strategies for component evolution and versioning
> * Security and reliability issues of component collaboration
> * Fault tolerance and recovery of components
> * Tools for selecting and assembling components
> * Usage of specific technologies such as JavaBeans, OpenDoc, ActiveX,
> and LiveConnect.
>Attendance is limited and based on acceptance of a position paper.
>Potential workshop attendees are invited to submit a position paper of
>at most three (3) pages (ASCII) via electronic mail to Rajendra K. Raj
>(rkr@ms.com) no later than May 1st, 1997. Acceptance notices to all
>participants will be issued by May 20th, 1997. Position papers should
>briefly describe experiences, interests, works in progress, and/or
>ongoing research and development. A representative subset of authors
>of position papers may be invited to make informal presentations at
>the workshop. The workshop submissions will also be circulated in
>advance so that the majority of the workshop time is spent on
>discussing relevant issues.