RE: Gas Station Population

Prabhakar Ernest (
19 Feb 1997 08:31:46 -0800

Well, Mobil claims a 9.9% share of gasoline sold. If we assumed all =
stations sold the same amount of gas (and that gasoline sold meant from a =
branded station), we'd get 80,000 gas stations, which is within a factor =
of two.

Conversely, if we believe the 150K number, Mobil stations (being =
predominantly in high-traffic urban areas, perhaps) could still account =
for 10% of sales by having twice the average gallons/store.

Anyway, I don't have a problem with the 5% number. Mobil, like most other =
chains, is probably concentrated geographically in certain areas. It has =
high percentages in some, and no presence in others. I could see it =
easily averageing out to 5%. Remember, there are a lot of small =
independants here and there, which add to the number of outlets if not =
total sales.

-- Ernie P.
From: Rohit Khare on Wed, Feb 19, 1997 7:32 AM
Subject: Gas Station Population

Whoa!!! this is a LOW number of Mobil stations!
If we believe the Life Magazine number of ~150k gas stations, that means
that only *5%* of gas stations are Mobil branded? Naaah...

So, what *is* the total number of retail gasoline outlets in the USA?

(Fans will note this is a long-standing business brain teaser for Ernie =
and RK)

We've tried estimating based on daily usage, number of miles of =
vehicle population, household sizes, etc, and keep hitting a range of =
Which seems too high. Benchmarks: 15-6k McDonalds, 12k Pizza Huts, 40k =
Post Offices

... will persuade people to
go an extra mile to buy from one of Mobil's 7,700 branded stations.

Speedpass is also an attempt to help Mobil build on its position as
the nation's top gasoline seller. With a 9.9% share of the market,
Mobil in 1995 overtook Shell Oil Co. as the leading gasoline seller,
as measured in gallons sold. (Figures for 1996 aren't available.)