Programmer/Analyst positon at UCI

Jim Whitehead (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 12:42:01 -0800

My research group at UCI has an opening (fairly immediate) for a full time
programmer/analyst to work on hypertext projects exclusively. These
projects would include WEBDAV, client integrations and support of the
Chimera open hypermedia system, and supporting software like wwwstat and
MoMspider developed by Roy Fielding.

The position won't pay a lot, and certainly isn't competitive with current
industry salaries, but it will allow you to live comfortably if you're
single. The biggest advantage of the position is the ability to work on
active hypertext research projects, and develop academic contacts which can
be cashed-in for recommendations if you're planning on attending grad.
school. Oh, the weather in Southern California is pretty nice too -- sunny
in the 70's today.

Also, at present, the position has definite funding for only one year
(which also makes it ideal for someone thinking of transitioning to grad.

If interested, please contact me, Jim Whitehead, <> for
details, and where to send resumes, etc.

Please also forward this notice to anyone else you know of who is interested.


- Jim