the 97%ers

CobraBoy (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 16:50:12 -0800

<fontfamily><param>Helvetica</param><bigger>This is the actual text for
AOL 3.0 upgrade....

<excerpt>You have selected the installation file for a POWER MAC. If
you do not have a Power Mac, this file will not install. The general
rule for determining if you have a Power Mac is that the model numbers
for Power Macs are 4 digits (for example, the Power Book 5300 or the
Performa 6000 series) and the model numbers for non-Power Macs are 3
digits (for example the Quadra 600 series).

If you are sure you have a Power Mac, click the Download Now button to
start the download. The software, and the time to download it are free
(Note: If you click Download Later, the download will NOT be free if
you have an hourly billing plan). Telephone surcharges, if applicable,
still apply.

Remember to install the software after you download!




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