Re: So you want to be a Rave star?

Jim Whitehead (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 16:38:00 -0800

So, of course I posted this to the KUCI DJ mailing list, and got back the
following interesting reply:

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>chowderhead said:
>> i believe this may be taken from the KLF's infamous "The Manual", the
>> process by which they recorded their billion selling "the white room"
>> album. they used to sell copies of this manual, which, they claimed, if
>> you followed their instructions to the letter, guaranteed you a top 10
>> single.
>It's a long ass piece of text, so i'm not quite sure that's a good URL
>to go to becuase it could crash your machine.
>It's also pretty long and boring in places and spends too much time
>talking about how to place free phone calls by stopping by your mates' flats.
>(In the UK all phone calls cost $$... well actually not $$ since they
>use pounds over there)
>It also solely applies to the British music scene although
>if you were good at interpolating between how the US scene works
>and how the British scene works, you could probably get a #1 pretty quick.
>Nothing in The Manual isn't obvious, i'm pretty sure,
>it's basic tenets are:
>Don't do anything original or creative, just take an old track that was
>really popular and mix it up with maybe another old popular track
>or maybe some other things and give the people what you know
>they already like.
>This is pretty much the explanation for Doctorin' The Tardis.
>Take a TV Show everyone loves and steal its theme song and some
>random noises from it and throw it over a song that was huge
>a decade ago and voila...
>The only real bad thing about it is that if you read through it
>you'll soon realize that most of the music you listen to
>probably falls into this formula in a less obvious way.