Re: Again I'm right..

CobraBoy (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 11:02:40 -0800

Robert Harley at 10:41 AM -0800 on 2/12/97, came up with this:

* Jim Whitehead <> wrote:
* >Tim Byars wrote:
* >>300-MHz Klamath processor [...]
* >>disclosed that the processor is running at 433 MHz
* >[...] this is almost certainly not the first time a microprocessor
* >prototype has been liquid cooled.
* Indeed.
* There were demos a while ago of cooled Alphas running at 767MHz.

yeah, but you have to understand that the 97% runs things. so only by
endless self promotion do you get the message across to them.

see, even I can learn something from Microsoft.



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sometimes you put up with some of their idiocyncracies. - Gil Amelio

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