Re: Again I'm right..

Jim Whitehead (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 10:01:42 -0800

At 10:07 PM 2/11/97, CobraBoy wrote:
>Ok, so I made a joke about water cooled systems in the future, the exact
>line was, "WTF they have radiators on Motocross bikes, why not computers?"
>Actually I feel some sort of Freon (or whatever is legal now-a-days) based
>system will be used. Hell, you've got lots of juice that can drive some
>sort of AC pump.

More like back to the future. Heat dissipation has always been a problem
for computers (remember the coolant-filled Cray love seat?), and this is
almost certainly not the first time a microprocessor prototype has been
liquid cooled.

- Jim

>regardless chalk another one up for CobraBoy....
>* <>
>* Here's a couple of quotes from the article.
>* "Scheduled to present a paper on a 300-MHz Klamath processor, Mustafiz R.
>* Choudhury, design manager at Intel's Microprocessor Products group, in
>* Santa Clara, Calif., instead disclosed that the processor is running at
>* 433 MHz. And, he said, Intel researchers have seen 451-MHz operation in
>* the laboratory...
>* "However, Choudhury stressed that the processor is a technology
>* disclosure and not an available product. The device's power dissipation
>* bears this out. While he would not say how much power the chip
>* dissipates, Choudhury admitted that it requires an ice-water heat sink to
>* maintain an operational temperature. "
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