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* Sun's JavaSoft business unit and ARM have collaborated to enable
JavaOS to run on the ARM RISC architecture.

* JavaOS for ARM will now be available directly from JavaSoft.

* JavaSoft will license JavaOS for the ARM architecture and provide
technical support directly to licensees electing that platform.


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Cambridge, UK and Mountain View, Calif. -- Feb. 11, 1997 -- Advanced
RISC Machines (ARM*) and Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s JavaSoft business
unit today announced they have collaborated to enable the JavaOS(TM)
operating system to run on the ARM RISC architecture. The ARM version
of JavaOS will now be available directly from JavaSoft. JavaSoft will
license JavaOS for the ARM architecture and provide technical support
directly to licensees electing that platform.

JavaOS is a highly compact, dynamically extensible operating system
designed to run Java(TM) applications directly on microprocessors in
anything from network computers (NCs), PDAs, mobile phones, printers
and set-top boxes, to countless other devices. JavaOS is one of the
smallest and fastest implementations of the Java platform available.
In addition to the ARM processors, JavaOS runs on X86 and SPARC(TM)

"ARM's strong semiconductor partnership and high-performance,
power-efficient technology will enable Sun to build upon its current
Java base in the network computing market and offer affordable,
user-friendly, consumer information appliances," said Robin Saxby, CEO
and president for ARM. "The ARM7500FE and StrongARM are at the heart
of several industry-leading, thin-client internet appliances shipping
today, and future ARM partner products will broaden and enhance our
offering further."

"JavaSoft is pleased to be working directly with ARM to provide JavaOS
support for the ARM family of processors," said David Spenhoff,
director of product marketing for JavaSoft. "ARM has considerable
experience optimizing CPU designs for a range of consumer products.
This collaboration will help provide OEMs with an even wider choice of
high-performance semiconductors upon which to build JavaOS-based

ARM is one of the leading architectures in the growing market of NCs:
Wyse Technology's ARM-based Winterm4000 Enhanced Network Computer (ENC)
won BYTE Magazine's Best of COMDEX award for Best System. Additional
ARM-based NCs and Internet appliances include the Acorn Office NC, the
AlphaVision Kisun Internet Terminal, the Boundless Technology NC, the
Daewoo/Teknema Internet TV set-top box, the Oracle NC, the Teknema
EasyRider and the Viewcall Netsurfer.

"The Digital StrongARM SA-110 provides the highest performance on the
market for running the JavaOS, making it the ideal engine for our
award-winning Winterm4000 series," said Bruce McGeoch, senior vice
president of Engineering and Technology for Wyse. "Our partnerships
with ARM and Sun's JavaSoft group have allowed us to develop an ENC
which meets the functionality and price points required by our

The StrongARM SA-110 microprocessor, co-developed by ARM and Digital
Semiconductor, has the highest published scores for the CaffeineMark
2.01 interpreted Java applet performance benchmark, in comparison to
other well-known desktop systems. The StrongARM results were obtained
with a prototype Internet terminal, a reference hardware design for the
StrongARM SA-110 chip that was used by Digital to port the JavaOS
operating system to the StrongARM architecture.

The ARM architecture is an ideal solution for cost- and power-sensitive
markets. The ARM family includes the ARM7TDMI "Thumb," which reduces
system cost with its excellent code density, the ARM7500 and ARM7500FE,
which provide highly-integrated system solutions for Internet
appliances, and the ARM810 and StrongARM processors, which enable
supercomputer performance from two AA batteries.

Advanced RISC Machines (ARM)

ARM is the leader in microprocessor Intellectual Property. ARM designs
and licenses fast, low cost, power efficient RISC processors,
peripherals and "system-chip" solutions for embedded control,
consumer/educational multimedia, DSP and portable applications. ARM
supports its processor offerings with Development Hardware and Software
and contract Design Services. ARM licenses its technology to leading
semiconductor, software, and OEM partners worldwide who focus on
applications, design and manufacturing. Each partner offers unique
ARM-related technologies and services which together satisfy a broad
range of end-user needs. Through this partnering, ARM is rapidly
becoming the global volume RISC standard. ARM has offices in
Cambridge, UK; Los Gatos, California; Munich, Germany; and Tokyo,

ARM's RISC processor technology is supported by leading applications
software, development tools and operating systems. Operating systems
supporting ARM include Accelerated Technology Nucleus PLUS, Acorn RISC
OS, Eden OS, Etnoteam EOS, ISI pSOS, JavaSoft JavaOS, Lucent
Technologies Inferno, Microsoft Windows CE, Microware OS-9, Motorola
Memos, Perihelion Helios, Psion EPOC/32 and Wind River Tornado.

To learn more about ARM, visit the web site at

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

JavaSoft, headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., is a business unit of Sun
Microsystems, Inc. The company's mission is to develop, market and
support the Java technology and products based on it. Java supports
networked applications and enables developers to write applications
once that will run on any Java enabled machine. JavaSoft develops
applications, tools and systems platforms to further enhance Java as
the programming standard for complex networks such as the Internet and
corporate intranets.

Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision, "The Network Is The
Computer," has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ "SUNW") to its
position as a leading provider of hardware, software and services for
establishing enterprise-wide intranets and expanding the power of the
Internet. With more than $7 billion in annual revenues, Sun can be
found in more than 150 countries and on the World Wide Web at

*Registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ARM and the ARM Powered
logo are trademarks of Advanced RISC Machines Limited. Winterm and ENC
are trademarks of Wyse Technology.

Sun, the Sun logo, Sun Microsystems, the Java Coffee Cup logo, Java,
JavaSoft, JavaOS, and the Network is the Computer are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States
and other countries.

All SPARC trademarks are used under license and are trademarks or
registered trademarks of SPARC International, Inc. in the United States
and other countries. Products bearing SPARC trademarks are based upon
an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.


"Many vendors of Internet appliances and other embedded consumer
products consider the Java operating system a key part of their
strategies. Several manufacturers have already chosen StrongARM for
its industry-leading performance on Java applications, and we expect to
win many more designs."
Kevin Fielding
StrongARM Product Line Manager
Digital Semiconductor

"As the leading worldwide supplier of ARM CPU-based compute engines for
the Access Device/Network Computer market, Cirrus Logic is pleased that
Sun Microsystems and Advanced RISC Machines are partnering to bring
JavaOS to this emerging market. Early feedback from our ARM-based
customers indicates that they are eager to provide JavaOS support in
their end-products and we view this announcement as further evidence
that the IAD market is poised for dynamic growth."
George Alexy
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Cirrus Logic

"Alcatel Mietec welcomes the addition of JavaOS support to the ARM
RISC family especially as it will enhance the value of smart phones and
a wide variety of internet terminals including portable devices."

Dave Long
Marketing Manager
Alcatel Mietec

"Java support is an essential pillar of VLSI's Internet Engine product
strategy. Building on our unrivalled experience in integrating the ARM
architecture into system-level silicon solutions for innovative
computing, communications and consumer electronic products, we see
Internet-enalbed information appliances rapdily evolving to play
important roles in enterprise Intranets, consumer/educations
information access and net-enhanced telephony."
Dale Roard Internet
Engine Solutions Product Line Manager
VLSI Technology, Inc.