CobraBoy (
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 09:10:38 -0800

just to let you know how with it LAMG is...

* This month at the LAMG General Meeting:
* Thursday, February 27th at 7:30 pm Santa Monica High School's Barnum Hall
* Please note that the 27th is the fourth Thursday in February. Owing
*to a facilities conflict, we'll be
* meeting on the fourth Thursday throughout the spring.
* Apple Computer and Adobe return to the LAMG on the 27th!
* Heidi Roizen, Apple Vice President of Developer Relations will be the
*featured speaker. She is
* responsible for building and maintaining relationships between Apple
*and its developers worldwide.
* Apple's Developer Relations organization includes Evangelism,
*Developer Technology Services,
* Developer Marketing, Developer Business Development, and
*International Developer Relations. One
* of her colleagues is an LAMG favorite-Apple Fellow Guy Kawasaki.
* In her new position for over a year now, Ms. Roizen brings
*considerable knowledge of business
* management and software development. She was co-founder and CEO of
*T/Maker Company. T/Maker
* creates innovative software for both Macintosh and PC platforms and
*shipped its first Macintosh title
* in February, 1984, shortly after the first Macintosh shipped.



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