KUCI TOP 30 2/10/97

Jim Whitehead (ejw@ics.uci.edu)
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 11:03:31 -0800

KUCI 88.9 fM
Core College Radio/Top 200 top 30
Mary Lou Santos, Music Director
Irvine, CA
(714) 824-4561


1. Bugskull-"Crock" The Original Motion Picture Sndtrk-Pop Secret
2. Ah Club-Kiss The Sky Goodbye-Shrimper
3. Softies-Winter Pageant-K
4. DJ Shadow-Stem 7"-Mo Wax
5. Pavement-Stereo (EP)-Matador
6. Aphex Twin-Aphex Twin-Sire
7. Shadow Ring-Wax-Work Echoes-Hermes
8. The Need-Need 7"-Kill Rock Stars
9. Guitar Wolf-Missle Me-Matador
10. Various Artists-Family Album Compilation-ShyBoy
11. Yak Brigade-The Tower (Afternoon Delight) 7"-Blackbean
12. Hi Fives-A Whole Lotta You!-Lookout!
13. Bazooka-Poor Mr. Rockstar-SST
14. Merzbow-Music For Bondage Performance 2-Extreme
15. Thela-Argentina-Ecstatic Peace!
16. Ray Campi-Perpetual Stomp-Dionysus
17. Crumbs-The Crumbs-Lookout!
18. Fathoms-Fathomless-Atomic Beat
19. Cranes-Population Four-Dedicated
20. Cibo Matto-Super Relax-Warner
21. Cloudboy-Pet 7"-Flying Nun
22. The Julies-Lovelife-Flying Tart
23. Orange Cake Mix-Fluffy Pillow-Fuzzy Box
24. Nurse With Wound-Who Can I Turn To Stereo-United Dairies
25. Spring Heel Jack-68 Million Shades...-Island Independent
26. Space Needle-Panic Delaney 7"-Zero Hour
27. Various Artists-Macro Dub Infection Volume 2-Virgin
28. Sneaker Pimps-Becoming X-Clean Up
29. Built To Spill-Perfect From Now On-Warner
30. Throw Rag/Tenderloin-Devil Woman 7"-Diablo Musica

Behead The Prophet-I Am That Great And Fiery Force-Outpunk
Tall Dwarves-Stumpy-Flying Nun
Gentle People-Soundtracks For Living-Rephlex
3D's-Strange News from Angels-Flying Nun
Pavement-Brighten The Corners-Matador

Mary Lou Santos
Music Director
KUCI 88.9 fM Irvine, CA
Office: 714.824-4561
Hours: TH 12-3pm