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Joe Barrera (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 19:35:38 -0800

Ah yes, the old "please do my homework for me" message. I believe that one
such message mysteriously appeared on ENIAC shortly after it was fired up.
Backus received one asking about writing compilers back in '61. Etc.

You might mention that the "GOOD NEWS" email hoax is one of the most
virulent viruses seen yet...

- Joe

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Ah, the notoriety of being on FoRK. This guy seems to have taken the
InfoSeek summary out of context to assume that I am the "Notorious
Indicted Computer Hacker Dan Kohn".

Notice the especially clueful e-mail address.

- dan

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>You Do Not Know Me!
>I am doing a report for school on hackers, could you please send me a
>listing of a small computer virus to
> thanks:)
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