Alternative to alternative (tm)

CobraBoy (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 10:20:39 -0800

Jim kindly posts the KUCI play list on FoRK. For those of you that have
never heard KUCI let me tell you what it sounds like. The other day I was
in Irvine (the I part) and they played this song, well it was 5 minutes of
a drum machine and a guitar feeding back. Really really wonderful stuff
that reminds you that real people really people do make music. (vrs clone
pods named Alanis, Jewel etc.)

So with that I present you with the Alternative to alternative by way of
Fi* (*= the clover Apple command key)

Ron [D] Core
Dr Freeclouds Hardcore Maniac

1) Anal Cunt - C'Anal'E - Grande
2) EC80R - AK-78
3) The Destroyer - Mass of Shit E.P.
4) Newcastle Sampler - V/A
5) Deadly Drive - Onna Fuck It
6) Live Evil - E.P. V/A
7) Industrial Terror Squad - Da Bastards Are Back
8) Rage Reset - Damage EP Part One
9) Fields of Defacement - Desorientate E.P.
10) DJ Dave and the Chicago Hardcore Party Force - 7 Track Double Pack

Somehow I don't think Wal Mart is going to be carrying any of these in the
upcoming mainstream/techno revolution.



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