Bang day's

Wendy J. Mattson (posh!
Mon, 3 Feb 97 20:21:01 -0800

On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, CobraBoy <> wrote:

>Subject: Bang day's
>Rohit or Ernie,
>I'm about to close Apple out on a meeting place and I
>want the ScaN meetings to be the day before the
>BaNG meetings. Don't they meet on the third Thurs.
>of the month?
>Get back to me on this....

FYI, BANG monthly meetings are held on either the third
or fourth Thursday of the month, depending on when we have
access to the venue (SLAC auditorium in Menlo Park). We
confirm meeting dates and the venue by newsgroup postings
and on our Web site closer to the date.

As I told Rohit on 2 February during his visit to the Bay
Area, the most recent BANG meeting (on 23 Jan.) was
attending by approximately 200 people, many of whom were
Macintosh users and developers. Audience members included
Larry Tesler and Guy Kawasaki of Apple, and David
Morgenstern of MacWEEK.

Wendy Mattson
BANG Secretary