List of Tim Byars quotes in my sig list.

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Sun, 2 Feb 97 19:08:19 PST

To give you an idea of the quality of my .sig list, here are the quotes
in there from Tim Byars...
:) Adam

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DEer Mystr Prisadent, I ned two lern too red badlee. Tim. Ps.. seand the
chek to Tim Byars.

I have been telling people it would come to this for a LONG time. Of
course everyone thought I was 1) nuts, or 2) an asshole, but again as
usual I'm right. -- Tim Byars

I serioiusly doubt I will ever evolve to the level of a Voxer.
-- Tim Byars

I'm bitching about having to use 640x480 "blind mans resolution" (tm)
and he says, "yeah, I know, that is what I have to use at Microsoft."
-- Tim Byars

Just don't let the Voxers know that URL. And I wish I had his money.
And girlfriend. And shoes. -- Tim Byars

See if any of you had gone out and killed brain cells as I had you would
have picked up a few things. This is what I call the "Budwiser Effect."
-- Tim Byars

That reminds me of something I saw on PBS just last week, wild dogs have
a 90% kill rate. That also reminds me, did I tell you that I ride my
bike with my friend the homicide detective?
-- Tim Byars

The W.W.WebStore... God knows what you would actually buy in their,
since we all know no one buys anything that is associated with the word
Web. Maybe there are just going to let about 5K people a day roam
through and take what they want...
-- Tim Byars

Unless I'm going out I sit here naked. -- Tim Byars

When spotted doing 140 mph on the 101, I have Ford Motor Company Special
Vehicle Team's 17" disc brakes and ABS to thank for allowing me to get
off the frwy and ditch the cop.
-- Tim Byars


This is the third of four lectures on a rather difficult subject -
the theory of quantum electrodynamics - and since there are obviously
more people here tonight than there were before, some of you haven't
heard the other two lectures and will find this lecture almost
incomprehensible. Those of you who *have* heard the other two
lectures will also find this lecture incomprehensible, but you know
that that's all right: as I explained in the first lecture, the way
we have to descibe Nature is generally incomprehensible to us.
-- Richard Feynman, from a lecture published in the book QED