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CobraBoy (
Sun, 2 Feb 1997 16:24:03 -0800

I Find Karma at 3:42 PM -0800 on 2/2/97, came up with this:

* In an interview at
* Scott McNealy of Sun explains corporate policy regarding PowerPoint:
* > We had 12.9 gigabytes of (Microsoft) PowerPoint slides on our network.
* > And I thought, ``What a huge waste of corporate productivity.''
* > So we banned it. And we've had three unbelievable record-breaking
* > fiscal quarters since we banned PowerPoint. Now, I would argue that
* > every company in the world, if they would just ban PowerPoint, would
* > see their earnings skyrocket. Employees would stand around going,
* > ``What do I do? Guess I've got to go to work.''



It takes Microsoft 10 years to get rid of the mess when you boot, why should we believe that you can make Windows easy to program in only two years ?" - S.Jobs to Microsoft's J. Allchin

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