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February 3, 1997 MacWEEK News
Special Report: Hot List: HTML
By Ilene Hoffman

A potpourri of resources for HTML veterans and novices alike are
found on the Web. These sites should tickle your fancy regardless
of your level of expertise.

* HTML 3.2 Fact Sheet

The World Wide Web Consortium's site provides technical
information about the newly approved HTML 3.2 specification,
which includes support for cascading style sheets, tables and

* Macintosh HTML Editors

This page has links to almost all of the shareware and commercial
Macintosh Web editors. Don't expect advice, just a listing with
version information, pricing, a link to the company as well as a
short description.

* Macintosh World Wide Web Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Neufeld has done an admirable job of organizing links to
nearly every major Web-related issue, including HTML editors,
servers, CGI scripts and useful software.

* Web Wonk - Net Tips for Writers and Designers

While you may not cotton to David Siegal's style or agree with
his advice, his tips and tricks are superb. Advice on background
colors, hidden GIFs and layout can benefit any designer of any
skill level.

* Doctor HTML

Don't post that precious Web site without checking the accuracy
of its code with Doctor HTML, a free service from Thomas Tongue
and Imagiware Inc. Submit a page or a whole site, then choose the
tests you would like run.

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