Fw: omniweb/lighthouse

Rohit Khare (khare@www10.w3.org)
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 18:55:34 -0500

Now here is a company with commitment... www.lighthouse.com has hung them
out to dry, it seems.


> From: William Shipley <wjs@omnigroup.com>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <omniweb-l@omnigroup.com>
> Subject: Re: omniweb/lighthouse
> Date: Wednesday, January 29, 1997 6:42 PM
> Let me say several things for the record:
> 1) OmniWeb is supported by Omni as well as by Lighthouse. Omni will
> continue to support our customers no matter what. Even if Lighthouse
> it no longer wishes to sell OpenStep apps, OmniWeb will live on and be
> supported.
> 2) Our current plan is to take OmniWeb to Rhapsody. What we'd really
> to do is get it bundled with Rhapsody or have Apple buy it outright, so
> can get really great market penetration. But, even if we only get 1% of
> current Mac market, that's still more seats than we ever had with
> 3) We may take OmniWeb to OpenStep/Solaris. This depends a lot on how
> treats OpenStep/Solaris.
> -W