What the hell is this?

CobraBoy (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 00:00:33 -0800

This message was sent to you by NaughtyRobot, an Internet spider that
crawls into your server through a tiny hole in the World Wide Web.

NaughtyRobot exploits a security bug in HTTP and has visited your host
system to collect personal, private, and sensitive information.

It has captured your Email and physical addresses, as well as your phone
and credit card numbers. To protect yourself against the misuse of this
information, do the following:

1. alert your server SysOp,
2. contact your local police,
3. disconnect your telephone, and
4. report your credit cards as lost.

Act at once. Remember: only YOU can prevent DATA fires.

This has been a public service announcement from the makers of
NaughtyRobot -- CarJacking its way onto the Information SuperHighway.


I got two turntables and a microphone...

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