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CobraBoy (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 13:07:07 -0800

At 12:56 PM -0800 1/28/97, Dan Kohn wrote:
>I guess I have to take your bet, since I'm the nitwit MIS guy who pushed
>for NT 4.0 on all of our engineering workstations. (Not only do you get
>all the productivity apps, but every serious CAD/CAM, modeling program,
>etc. is now selling more NT desktops than any other OS. And the trend
>toward NT is even stronger.)

never said anone on FoRK is a netwit.

>Oh, and Bill funds half my paycheck, but that's totally irrelevant. ;-)

So if Bill didn't fund half your paycheck would your engineers be using
UltraSparc or SGI?

>I use Win95 on my new Compaq Armada (P133, 48 MB RAM, PCI bus, etc.) and
>am happy with it, although it's occasionally unstable.

uh-huh.. nice of you to admit that.

>I do what I at
>least consider "real work": e-mail, PowerPoint, Word, hardcore Excel,
>FrontPage, etc.

I do play work, Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, After Effects, QuickTime,
etc. Although finally I can use Tiffany, 3D Reality, Create, etc. :-0

>I'm confident that NT 5.0, with advanced power
>management and plug and play, will be the laptop OS of choice (and the
>desktop as well, of course) by the time Tim sends me my case of Pyramid
>Heferveisen (hopefully without shaking the bottles first out of spite).
>That said, I ultimately believe in Schumpeterian "creative destruction".
> I think Intel and Microsoft's profits are just too high for some guys
>in a garage not to be working on the complete paradigm shift that will
>threaten their dominance. But Java ain't it.

Not sure about Shumpie but I don't think it will be a paradigm shift, more
a small chipping away at the monolith. Java, OpenStepMac, Linux, N64 with a
Internet plug in, whatever....



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