RE: Yet another reason to hate Ms

Dan Kohn (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 12:56:33 -0800

I guess I have to take your bet, since I'm the nitwit MIS guy who pushed
for NT 4.0 on all of our engineering workstations. (Not only do you get
all the productivity apps, but every serious CAD/CAM, modeling program,
etc. is now selling more NT desktops than any other OS. And the trend
toward NT is even stronger.)

Oh, and Bill funds half my paycheck, but that's totally irrelevant. ;-)
I use Win95 on my new Compaq Armada (P133, 48 MB RAM, PCI bus, etc.) and
am happy with it, although it's occasionally unstable. I do what I at
least consider "real work": e-mail, PowerPoint, Word, hardcore Excel,
FrontPage, etc. I'm confident that NT 5.0, with advanced power
management and plug and play, will be the laptop OS of choice (and the
desktop as well, of course) by the time Tim sends me my case of Pyramid
Heferveisen (hopefully without shaking the bottles first out of spite).

That said, I ultimately believe in Schumpeterian "creative destruction".
I think Intel and Microsoft's profits are just too high for some guys
in a garage not to be working on the complete paradigm shift that will
threaten their dominance. But Java ain't it.

- dan

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>>Tim, I'll bet you a case of the microbrew of your choice that MSFT OSes
>>are dominant two years from today. I'll even give you 2 to 1 odds. If
>>you're willing to take this bet, you should really consider getting the
>>prescription checked on your reality-distortion glasses.
>Well MSFT (? LSMFT ?) OSes are dominant today. That isn't the point. My
>point is the pendulum always swings. Fact of the universe. Ms is
>increasingly throwing more and more at people. Look, the only real
>Ms is #1 in corporate Amerika isn't because it is worth a shit. It is
>because all the little nitwit MIS guys have lifelong job security.
>However, even the nitwit MIS guys are starting to say enough is enough.
>Not that I'm ducking your bet. Let's phrase it another way, in two
>Microsoft will not be where it's at today (IE: they are at their
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