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Joe Barrera (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 17:07:01 -0800

Thanks. I'm still sorting out who's who. I hope I survive the experience :-)

- Joe

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> And besides, can't you, with your god's-gift-to-mankind, gnu-emacs-based,

> text-only-mailer, just cons up some lisp code to hide unseemly references

> to Microsoft mail attachments from your tender eyes?

Er, please, please never cross the streams: Tim Byars and Robert Harley are
both wild and crazy anti-establishmentarian hedonists, but they're
mathematically, technically, follically, and morphologically worlds

[insert picture of TB's grinning, tanned, freshly-shaven-all-over,
ever-intimidating mug]

[insert picture of wiry, topless, painfully pale frenchman hanging off of
CS building by four fingers, hair flapping in the wind as vigorously as a
WIn95 logo]

Can you predict which one uses emacs and which one would beat you up for
suggesting otherwise?

OK, that last part is a trick question. We've already seen on FoRK that
either one would light off :-)

Your ever-sardonic host,