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Fri, 24 Jan 1997 19:11:19 -0800

At 4:00 PM -0800 1/24/97, Dan Kohn wrote:
>It must be big if both Edupage and the Economist's Business This Week
>list covers it:
>Some ideas just catch on. Japan has run out of lovable eggs, an
>electronic bird which should sell for Y 1,980 ($16) in the shops but
>which now fetches 20 times that on the street. The creature grows up if
>nurtured, and jumps up and down when its droppings are cleared up. But
>neglect the virtual beast and it wastes away and dies.

yeah, well that's the Japenese for you. The coolest thing that I've seen in
a long time is the iD anthology box set at Egghead (of all places) It
contains no less than all the software produced by iD/GT, background info,
limited edition t-shirt, etc.

All for $99.00



I got two turntables and a microphone...

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