Re: Best OS

Joe Kiniry (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 17:50:20 -0800

Jim Whitehead writes:
> Man, I just can't believe that AmigaDOS was left off this list! OK, so the
> Amiga's a fossilized dinosaur, a towering example of how a technically
> superior product that everyone loves can still fail in the hands of the
> truly incompetent, but just check out these features, available in 1986, on
> a 68000:
> - true multitasking
> - windowing
> - auto detection of floppy disks in a drive (with support for the eject
> button, no dragging to trash cans)
> - support for graphics in a window at speeds that were finally equaled by
> my 68040 Mac 520c (hey, I know it's old, so buy me a new one)
> In my book, normalizing for 10 years of subsequent development, this puts
> AmigaDOS between 3 and 4 on your list, and arguably between 2 and 3. I
> shudder to think of the amazing networking support a 1997 Amiga would have
> (it'd probably have its own private networking bus, with an ethnernet chip,
> dedicated networking DMA chip, and dedicated memory, with the bit blitter
> able to transfer from main memory to network memory blazingly fast).
> *sigh* Instead, here it is 1997, and I get to watch Be do the slow Amiga
> death spiral.
> What about CP/M, ProDOS, and AppleDOS?
> - Jim

right on jim! and all in 256kb!

we won't even comment on the current gen amiga (yes, someone out there
is still producing them....68060s shipping and dec alphas in