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> Hmm. What gets me up in the morning? My children, usually by jumping up
> down on me in bed. ("Daddy! Daddy!"). I usually keep fairly normal

I'm shocked, shocked! Actually, I keep pretty normal West Coast hours,
It just seems to bother people here on the East Coast.

When I was at CMU and working with Intel (Beaverton) getting OSF1/AD to run
on their machines, I would be on campus 5am to 5pm or 6pm. Thus I would
often be at work before the Intel folks, and yes, they seemed to find that

I have been following Wolfpack & MS's related moves, and I have to say I
see the same juggernaut in action. Leak, brief, pre-announce, deliver a
tantalizing bit, push back to '98, refine, refine, refine, and hey, I can
believe that in '99 we'll have an excellent product that *will* change how
'average' enterprises work. But there's a lot more than raw software
prowess in the equation.

quiet, but the Wolfpack team is really a strong team of no-nonsense folks.
And I can definitely say that there is no foot-dragging going on at all.
Don't forget, Microsoft is a new entry to the clustering market, one
previously owned by the Unix folks. Pre-announcing (in the classic
predatory IBM sense) is a strategy for those who already own the market,
not those trying to break into it.

And for the record (but as always, not as an official Microsoft
Spokes-Entity), Wolfpack 1.0 will ship end 2Q97. This date has not

I'm duly impressed, FWIW. I'm proud to count so many ex-OSFers among my

Who? Mostly I know the OSF-RI folks. I strongly considered working at the
OSF when I left CMU...

We'll have to hear about life in Pittsburgh sometime. Rajit Manohar ran
back to Caltech screaming after only a term. I have to admit, my own
constitution is so weak after four years of Southern California, I
bring myself to apply to CMU or any other East Coast CS PhD program this
spring (except MIT, which is a long shot anyway).

My biggest problem with Pittsburgh was that it was not an East Coast city,
it was a Mid-West city. It's five hours to any other city of even marginal
interest (DC or Philly, take your pick). If you've grown up in a real
metropolitan area (I grew up in the South Bay), you get tired of no real
restaurants, no real music, no real audio stores, etc...

But, if you can postpone having a life until after you finish your program,
then much of this will be moot.

If you want to find out more, see . In the meantime, we
may ruin this fine anonymous friendship yet -- I'm coming out the the Bay
Area Jan 31 - Feb 4...

Let me know when you're around...

Rohit "Dances with Ellipses..." Khare

- Joe

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