Re: dat need fur speed...

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 10:45:23 -0500

> Is it software cost or hardware cost that keeps you from running NT on
> laptop?

Definitely not SW cost -- over here at MSW3C, we are in the bear hug of
MS's love. We get pallets full of stuff airdropped in every few weeks. This
last one was scary: 17 boxes of every MSpress developer & internet book...

> Or simply a desire for power management features? (I learned to
> live without power management. Yes, it meant waiting a couple of minutes
> boot up on the airplane, but that was far less inconvenient than using
> Win95.)

Yes, power management is the big one for me, since I use my laptop on the
run between meetings often, and I use the instant-on features.

> Do you run NT 4.0 on something else (a desktop somewhere) so that you
> what it's like?

Not personally, but almost all the rest of our desktops are NT4, and our
admin even has NT working on the laptops to his satisfaction. Soon, I'll
probably move over too.

> If you were able to run NT 4.0 on your laptop, would you still actively
> mourn the NeXTstep user environment?

If I had enough RAM for OpenStep/NT? Not at all... :-)
Native NT brings a lot of the OS stability, but for better or worse, it's
still Win32 and OLE UIs.

over and out,
Rocutus of Borg