MSJava 'subversion' plans

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 10:25:27 -0500

Robert Thau, are ye not too paranoid? For after all, the JavaSoft lawyers
doth threaten fearsome licenses, and Bill doth relent:

> Microsoft also plans to support JavaBean components

Yes, AFC is a generous and warmhearted donation to the cause of multivend=
interoperability and competition. Not.=20

It's a shrewd and effective move to migrate the mass of WinAPI developers
to Java, where they could once again win, fair and square, by scale alone.


January 21, 1997 6:15 PM ET=20
Microsoft releases collection of cross-platform Java libraries
By Michael Moeller

=A0Microsoft Corp. today released a collection of cross-platform Java cla=
libraries called the Application Foundation Classes.

Described as Java equivalents to the Microsoft Foundation Classes, the ne=
products will run on any platform that supports the Java Virtual Machine.

In addition, the Redmond, Wash., developer offered new details on planned
enhancements to its Win32 Java Virtual Machine. The plans include beefed-=
support for the Unicode international standard, as well as support for a
new capabilities-security model that will enable Java applets to access
systems resources.=20

Microsoft also plans to support JavaBean components, and will support
language and Virtual Machine changes due in the JDK (Java Developers Kit)
Version 1.1. The new Virtual Machine capabilities will be added to the
Internet Explorer 4.0 beta due next month, company officials said.

The new AFC (Application Foundation Class), however, is aimed at
cross-platform capabilities, with the first three class libraries designe=
to provide developers with better Java user interface, graphics and
multimedia capabilities. According to Microsoft officials, none of the
class libraries conflict with JavaSoft's classes - and, in fact, are buil=
using items such as the Automated Windowing Toolkit that comes with the

The AFC can be freely distributed and licensed by third-party developers.=

Microsoft intends to release the AFCs within the forthcoming beta release
of Internet Explorer 4.0, due next month. JavaSoft officials were
unavailable for comment by press time.=20