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At 4:48 PM -0800 1/21/97, Rohit Khare wrote:
>>From MS Research / Operating Systems / Rick Rashid (yes, from poking aroun=
>Joe2's web page...)
>Bitchin' plan. Sounds like a load of fun, and the kind of industrial R&D
>worth funding. How to measure progress, well, you got me...
>We believe it is time to reexamine the operating system=92s role in
>computing. Operating systems exist to create an environment in which
>compelling applications come to life. They do that by providing
>abstractions built on the services provided by hardware. We argue that
>advances in hardware and networking technology enable a new kind of
>operating system to support tomorrow=92s applications. Such an operating
>system would raise the level of abstraction for developers and users, so
>that individual computers, file systems, and networks become unimportant to
>most computations in the same way that processor registers, disk sectors,
>and physical pages are today.

Ok, I've mentioned the Budwiser example. Now I'll talk about the Ford
Example. When I was living in England Ford brought out all these weird
looking cars. You might remember the XR-4ti. Well you should have seen the
European version, with a Baron Von Richtoffen dual rear spoiler.

Needless to say this line tanked big time. So Ford did some market
research. With all kinds of cool designs. Guess what people wanted? That's
right bubba, slight improvements. Nothing radical. Look in this industry
what gets laughed at and tanks. WebTV, NC, etc. I can understand Ms hating
operating systems considering what they do with theirs, but to say that
everyone wants a compter that is completely different in principal than
what exists today is flying in the face of most market research.



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