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Tue, 21 Jan 1997 14:39:03 -0800

At 2:25 PM -0800 1/21/97, Joe Barrera wrote:
>Gee, a spy. Wow. Sounds pretty exciting.

we'll see...

>I actually discovered this list after browsing for information on
>Windows-On-Unix, to help substantiate or refute the (facetious) claim that
>in the future, folks will only run Unix so that they can run their favorite
>Windows-On-Unix emulator on top.

You were right up until that last part. :-)

>A more serious answer to what motivates me... making great software and
>making it available to a really huge market. I think the Microsoft bashers
>sometimes forget how much cheaper software is as the result of
>concentrating developer resources on a single system platform running on
>commodity hardware. I'm (peripherally) involved in the Microsoft's
>clustering work, and I think it's going to be really exciting to see how
>Microsoft's entry into this market will change the economics. Clusters are
>going to get MUCH cheaper and thus much more widely used as a result of
>Microsoft. In turn, systems used by middle-level businesses are going to
>get much more reliable.

More reliable than what? If it's Win'95 then yeah thats a big win.

>I'm not going to spend my time on this list as a Microsoft chauvinist. But
>I've tried to answer seriously what motivates me, and the answer is, cheap
>software on cheap hardware, running everywhere, solving problems that would
>never get solved if the costs of the software could not be amortized as
>broadly as Microsoft can.

Cheap software doesn't have to mean third rate does it? :-0

>Oh, left out my background... graduate student on the Mach project under
>Rick Rashid, worked on network shared memory, then on OSF/1 support for the
>Intel Multicomputers of the time (Touchstone Delta/XPS/etc.). Followed Rick
>out to Redmond. About a year ago, moved South to the Bay Area to work with
>Jim Gray.

If only he had used his talents for good instead of evil....



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