Amelio to send open letter to NeXT users

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 12:26:31 -0500

Well, at least Avie remembers us Black users. Maybe Apple will too...?

And some of the excitement is coming back: I'm beginning to feel the power
of bringing OpenStep to Apple customers. I just fear how late in the day
it's become -- and, frankly, how static OpenStep has been for the last few
years. Ever since it became just an API, there's been less development of
it's 'operating environment' features: filters, pasteboard management,
sound, scripting, OOFS, etc.

But, yeah, maybe I'll follow Ernie to Apple if nothing else...


PS. Joe: Can you lend Ernie an NS Color station for his LA demo?


Amelio writes Next users to assuage fears of squashed products

By Pardhu Vadlamudi
InfoWorld Electric

Posted at 4:59 PM PT, Jan 20, 1997

Apple CEO and Chairman Gil Amelio will outline Apple's plans for Next
Software's WebObjects product line, the OpenStep Enterprise line, and
Next's cross-platform support in a letter to be sent out this week to Next

"We firmly believe that Apple's acquisition of Next will increase the
market acceptance for the Next technology in which you've invested time,
resources, and money," writes Amelio in a letter to be posted on both Apple
and Next's Web sites. "Apple is firmly committed to enhancing, selling, and
supporting this technology in the future."

In his letter to Next users, Amelio says that Apple will continue to
develop and enhance WebObjects and WebObjects Pro and will continue to sell
the products in the same markets they are now sold. He says WebObjects and
Apple technologies will be more closely integrated. WebObjects will run on
the Power Macintosh line, he says.

The OpenStep API and development tools will be a key component of Rhapsody,
which will increase OpenStep's installed base, writes Amelio. Rhapsody,
which is expected to be available in July, will be the first version of the
OpenStep-to-PowerPC integration.

Finally, Amelio states that Apple will maintain Next's commitment to
cross-platform and cross-processor support and with Rhapsody add the
PowerPC to Next's existing platform support.

"When Amelio made his original announcement back in December, he said Apple
would be sensitive to Next users," said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative
Strategies International Inc. in Santa Clara, Calif. "I see this as more of
a bridge for getting corporate support for future Apple programs."

"I don't see the Next customer base doing anything different, they don't
feel Apple's going to drop the ball," Bajarin said. "I don't get a sense of
that and this reconfirms it."

Apple's recent decision to buy Next will propel both companies into a
period of technological and product convergence