Jerry Maguire

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 09:06:25 -0500

.... a fascinating morality tale, told quite well.

Jerry Maguire's fall and rise are archetypal, part of an ancient story
system. Nevertheless, it is a twist, in that the hurbris is from a tragic
integrity, not a flaw.

A beautiful example of how to build consensus around a mission statement.
I'm beginning to believe that the truth will set you free... always... even
if it's the freedom of being booted out!

The ending is a bit sweet, but it fits, and you want it to happen by then.

When they say Jerry is great at friendship and terrible at intimacy, it's
Jerry's fear of Being alone vs. the quick-fix of
Being-alone-with-somebody-else. I think I share that dysfunction, except
that I *do* spend my time alone. I think maybe dozen people have *ever*
visited my apartment in Cambridge. I've made a pretty sorry balance b/w
work and life so far, but I am hopeful that acknowledgement is the first
step to recovery. That's why I want grad school so much -- a chance to
depressurize a bit and rebuild my life.

It was a particularly cleansing chaser to the Grad School Self-Esteem
Roller Coaster this week. Kudos to Adam for recommending it.

Two quotes:

"I was 35 and ready to make my own life [approx]" -- waay scary and waay
"First Class used to mean a better meal. Now it means a better life..."


ObUnitedNote: UA was the carrier of choice, and I'm looking forward to
finding the Red Carpet Club they filmed in -- perhaps John Wayne? I'll have
to check it out myself in February... nevertheless, I can nitpick that
those FC seats do not exist on UA, period. :-)

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