Re: Avie on Mach-intosh

Wendy J. Mattson (posh!
Mon, 13 Jan 97 23:40:57 -0800

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, Ernest N. Prabhakar wrote:

>>A very nice interview that hits most of the issues I'm
concerned about.Customer focus, kernel, DPS w/GX
Avie is apparently very clueful (meaning he agreese with
me:) about what Apple can and must do.<<

Thanks for the note, I'll check it out.

>>So, how come I haven't heard much from the rest of
FoRK? Does nobody besides Tim and I follow the Apple deal
with drooling excitement? <<

Well, I'm not exactly *drooling*, but I and many
colleagues in BANG are very pleased over developments with
the merger. I wrote an article for our Web page; see the
"News" portion at: <>.

There will probably be coverage periodically in Sirius
News <>, possibly in the issue
coming out next week (Jan. 20 or so).

As a result of the BANG article, I was contacted on Jan.
11 to see if BANG folks could speak to the Macintosh
Consultants Network Annual Conference on the 12th or 13th
of January.

As it turned out, the NeXT speakers *did* turn up (1/12),
but we were there and ready to roll with our own
presentation on NEXTSTEP if needed, including a talk by
author Nik Gervae ("Developing Business Applications with
OpenStep"), an excellent resource list and demo prepared
by Robert MacKimmie, who also displayed his "NeXT library"
to the interested audience.

The Mac group was thrilled to have us there (to use their
phrase), and literally welcomed us with open arms. So we
have started a dialogue, and look forward to working with
that group and other Mac users and developers. We will be
putting on BANG meetings, such as the one on Jan. 23 at
SLAC in Menlo Park, Calif., to help educate Mac folks
about NeXT technology, and doing outreach to groups such
as BMUG. Events are zipping right along here!

My Christmas was very merry. :-)

Regards to all,

Wendy Mattson
BANG Secretary <>
Editor, Sirius News <>