Like Son like Father II

CobraBoy (
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 18:20:50 -0800

Thanks for all the kind words about Dad. Actually those of you that felt
guilty about laughing at Dad's circumstances, don't. It's better to find
humor in tragedy then to let it overpower you.

And with that, this weeks episode.

Upon returning from MacWorld with one of the worst colds of the decade,
obviously brought on by all the sniveling Mac Users I found out the
following as related by Mom.

Dad seems to be under the impression that he is being kept in a whore
house, not a hospital. He also seems to believe that they are plotting
against him and have built a "special" room to put him and two women their

Dad told Mom today that his forth wife just divorced him yesterday. And
that he had to go hunt her down and find out what that was all about. ( Dad
has only had one wife, Mom.)

Dad is convinced that he is an executive and the car that used to pick him
up for therapy was actually a limo. He has to get back to his company to
run things.

they found Dad outside sitting in the rain today....

and last but not least, Dad invented computers!



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