New 300MHz band approved for data xmission

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 11:05:42 -0500

Here we go: imagine not just 300MHz transcievers, but full roaming routers.
We're already edging up on PC Card 'golf-ball' technology. Just imagine a
network that came into play anytime two laptops were within 100 yards...


January 9, 1997 2:00 PM ET
FCC clears the way for high-speed wireless data
By Maria Seminerio

The Federal Communications Commission today
announced plans to earmark a segment of
airwaves for
allowing Internet access via wireless

The plan, which has long been advocated by
companies including Apple Computer Inc.,
will allow
computers to transmit digital data, audio
and video
over distances of about 100 yards,
providing a
potentially low-cost Internet-access
solution for schools
and businesses.

The agency agreed to set aside 300MHz of
for high-speed wireless data transmission
computers by devices that would not require

Proponents of the plan hope it will spur
development of
as-yet-unavailable wireless transmission

"While it's too early to know which
technologies and
devices might succeed in the marketplace,
potential is created for U.S. leadership in
a whole new
world of high-tech digital wireless
products," said FCC
Commissioner Susan Ness in Washington.