Like Son like Father

CobraBoy (
Sun, 5 Jan 1997 23:03:50 -0800

As some of you might or might not know, my parents doing their "we're
retired and gonna' see America" trip flipped their van going up 395. While
they were both pretty messed up my Father suffered the worst damage. 3
weeks ago he had to have a operation to remove blood clots and fluid on the
brain. He is recovering now from the operation.

However the point of all this is that he is causing holy hell and about to
be kicked out of the place.

He was found wheeling down the road trying to go for a "blast."
He sits in the hallways in his wheelchair and asks patents "whats you problem?"
He wheels around the facility and asks the nurses what their doing, as if
he's their boss.
He told a nurse he had something to show her, took off all his cloths, then
wheeled off in his wheelchair.
He hit all the fire alarms
He wheels into patents rooms and asks "what they got you in here for?"

and all this happened yesterday!!!

Go pops!



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