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Fri, 03 Jan 1997 13:46:01 -0800

Microsoft denies Spyglass charges=20
By Reuters
January 3, 1997, 10 a.m. PT=20

A Microsoft (MSFT) spokesman says the computer software
giant is ahead
of schedule on royalty payments to Spyglass (SPYG) and
hopes to resolve
a dispute between the two companies amicably.=20

Spyglass said yesterday it intends to exercise its
contractual right to audit
Microsoft records to determine whether additional royalty
payments are
owed on technology used in the Internet Explorer browser.=20

"We believe the review will show that we are actually ahead
of our
payments to Spyglass because we have prepaid several
million dollars of
royalties," Microsoft spokesman Mark Murray said.=20

He declined to comment on the specific provisions of the
royalty agreement
between the two companies, saying details were confidential.=

"We value our partnership with Spyglass," Murray said. "We
look forward
to resolving this in an amicable way and working with them
in the future."=20

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