Re: Apple & NeXT Lead Story

CobraBoy (
Thu, 2 Jan 1997 18:59:33 -0800

>I was very pleased to see that AT&T chose the merger for their Lead
>Both on Apple's plans...
>and Steve's return
>Sadly, the general run of articles was rather negative, echoing the WSJ
>sneer. The big question is whether Avi can deliver an SMP PowerPC
>7.x-compatible OpenStep with a Mac UI by the end of this year. And
>whether Steve can add enough Java-sizzle to make corporate American take

At Best Buy's today their were 3 Mac's. 2 Performas and 1 7600. Someone was
in front of each one. No one was in front of the 15 or so varioius
Pentiums. It was truely a Kodak moment.

The other point is "F" corporate Amerika. This move will guarentee Apple
keeping it's core audience and making life hell for the Windoze folks
trying to compete with the "quality" of software.



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