Fw: Information Infrastructure Project update

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 15:24:34 -0500

Harvard Information Infrastructure Project Update 12/18/96:

1. Open registration for the January 23-25 conference, "Internet Publishing
and Beyond: The Economics of Digital Information and Intellectual
Property," has been announced. See http://ksgwww.harvard.edu/iip/econ.html

DESIGN, edited by Brian Kahin and Ernest Wilson, has just been published by
MIT Press (see
http://www-mitpress.mit.edu/mitp/recent-books/polsci/kahnp.html) Many
chapter drafts are still available on the Web at

3. Lewis Branscomb, Brian Kahin, and Charles Nesson are leading a new
Executive Education Program, "The Exploding Internet: New Rules, New Game,"
with Harvard Business School Professors Stephen Bradley and Richard Nolan,
and HBS Marvin Bower Fellow Maryam Alavi. The program, a joint offering of
the Kennedy School, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Business School will
run May 4-8, 1997, at the Business School executive education facilities.
Contact executive_education@hbs.edu for further information.

4. Papers from our two fall conferences, "Coordination and Administration
of the Internet" and "The First 100 Feet: Options for Internet and
Broadband" are posted. See http://ksgwww.harvard.edu/iip/caidraft.html and
http://ksgwww.harvard.edu/iip/first.html respectively. We are collecting
additional material for the First 100 Feet project. Please contact Jim
Keller (jkeller@harvard.edu) if you have sources or material that you would
like to recommend.

5. Lewis Branscomb is chairing a joint project of the Harvard Science,
Technology and Public Policy Program and the Competitiveness Policy Council
assessing the Clinton/Gore Administration's technology policy, including
options for the second term. See
http://ksgwww.harvard.edu/iip/techproj/home.html. Brian Kahin is
contributing a paper on information infrastructure policy.

6. Priority areas for the Information Infrastructure Project is 1997-98
include: the Internet and telecommunications policy; the future of
intellectual property policy; and the interplay of technology, convention,
law, and policy in mediating access to information on the global Internet.
The Project will be working more closely with the Center for Law and
Information Technology at Harvard Law School.

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