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Wed, 18 Dec 1996 18:21:57 -0600

From: Frank J. Nagy/Get this cheese to Sickbay! <>
From: Frederick James Kier <>

This week's top ten list from the north pole of Epsilon 3:

Top Ten Holiday Gifts on Babylon Five:

10. Vorlon encounter suit TIES...("They Have (*Gurgle*) always been

9. Emperor Cartagia's Centauri Chia Heads

8. Jeff Spaceworthy's Hit Book: "You might have a Vorlon in you if..."

7. Triluminary makeover kit

6. Franklin's guide to the "do's and don't's" of Walkabouts.

5. "G'Kar's Secret" Lingerie.

4. Flarncakes!

3. Mighty Morphin' Army o' Light Rangers

2. Zathras' "Speak and (Try to Understand What the Hell He's Tryin' to)

1. The very hard to find "Tickle me Londo" toy

Another Frederick Kier production. Frederick Kier is presently in
custody for attempting to market the "JMS doll", who, when you pull his
string, writes great science fiction for five years...