Re: Analysis, please!

CobraBoy (
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 14:15:24 -0800

>Tim (and other FoRKers),
>The advantage of FoRK is that posts typically provide some analysis for the
>content being shared. This analysis is often more valuable than the
>content itself, and it certainly lets me know why I should bother spending
>time reading given content. By not providing this analysis, you don't
>provide any extra value. Posting just a URL is an assertion, "I think this
>content is interesting," which, without justification, is quite arrogant --
>it says, in effect, that I know good content when I see it, and you had
>just better believe me.
>Of course, we could always just push this list in the direction of more
>unmediated URLs -- it would take me about 20 minutes a day to post 10
>random, interesting URLs to FoRK. Anyone for URL spam?
>- Jim
>P.S. - My apologies for the "deja-vu" feeling for those on w3t-nerd.

Well I agree with this, and usually I try to make at least some sort or
cryptic comment. However I recently moved, I don't have anything but my
PowerBook and a phone jack in the neighbors house that I go over to a
couple of times a day. As soon as GTE can get their ass out here I will
resume my cryptic FoRKisms.


p.s. Can I get KUCI in Huntingtion?


...One Moment Please