Mitsubishi 15.2" Display !!

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Tue, 10 Dec 1996 12:48:15 -0500

You know, this is going to drag us back to an age of luggables! :-)



Mitsubishi gives notebook PCs a display to envy

By Carolyn A. April
InfoWorld Electric

Posted at 3:06 PM PT, Dec 9, 1996

Foreshadowing the big-screen notebook crush expected to hit the market in
1997, Mitsubishi on Monday took the wraps off a new 14.2-inch XGA
resolution screen.

The 1024-by-768 resolution, thin-film-transistor display is designed for
high-end multimedia notebook PCs, as well as "all-in-one" desktops, company
officials said.

Currently, the largest screen available for notebooks measures 12.1 inches,
although a raft of 13.3-inch displays are expected to debut in notebooks in
the beginning of 1997.

To accommodate a 14.2-inch screen, most vendors and industry analysts
acknowledge that the traditional 8.5-by-11-inch notebook form factor will
have to be broken.

Samples of Mitsubishi's 14.2-inch LCD, priced at $2,500 each, are available
now and volume production is scheduled for the first quarter of 1997. By
comparison, a 12.1-inch active-matrix display ranges in price from $850 to

In addition to the notebook display, Mitsubishi unveiled a 15.1-inch SXGA
display aimed at engineering and graphical workstations and high-end
desktop PCs.

At $5,000 per unit, the 15.1-inch display is available in samples, and will
enter volume production in the first quarter of 1997.

Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc., in San Jose, Calif., can be reached at