Damn hot workstation! Damn cold marketing!

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (BAISLEY@fndcd.fnal.gov)
Wed, 4 Dec 1996 12:31:43 -0600

Even if (or, perhaps, especially since) it was running NT, this is impressive.


> KryoTech also stunned the computing world by demonstrating a 767MHz DEC Alpha
> workstation in the Digital Equipment Corporation booth. This system
> established a new world record of 1.5 Gigaflops during its tour of duty, more
> than twice the floating point performance of its closest competitor.

Stunned the computing world? Um, I doubt it. How do you stun someone while
hiding your product (see the "marketing savvy" highlighted below)? Radiation?

Nonetheless, I believe this is 50% faster than a single Cray C90 processor, on
your desktop. And it has virtual memory, and your choice of 3 operating
systems. The integer performance screams, too. Just think how fast you could
regurgitate anagrams with one of these puppies. And have resources left to do
real work!


> The chip used was one of those 600MHz EV56s we told you DEC had in the lab
> (CSN No 174) boosted to 767MHz and cooled off using KryoTech's cooling
> subsystem.

They're not that far from production units, since the 500 MHz parts are already
shipping (and they don't need cryogenic cooling). By comparison, the Cray T3E
uses the older EV5 parts running at 300 MHz. But it has up to 2048 of them.

Some things never change, though ...

> ... and DEC of course, which meant to have it secreted in a suite but was
> persuaded to put it on the floor, failed to exploit the breakthrough handed
> in by hiding it, practically unmarked, in a hard-to-find spot ...