RE: Educom bits for the week.

Dan Kohn (
Wed, 4 Dec 1996 08:28:21 -0800

Yet more evidence of what happens when applications bloat to gigantic
sizes with more functionality than anyone could ever use (like hanoi and
doctor). Clearly, the solution is to all switch to NC's and send e-mail
the only reliable way, by telnetting to port 25!

(Sorry, being this close to Redmond make me take digs at Unix where I
can get them ;-) 120 MB Office 97 upgrade is only one month away!

- dan

>Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 1996 12:14 AM
>To: Dan Kohn
>Subject: RE: Educom bits for the week.
>Hi Dan,
>> Adam, I understand the concept of forwarding a specific interesting
>> article from a free newsletter (which I do myself), but why forward the
>> whole thing (unless to introduce people to something they may not have
>> heard of) since anyone who's interested can subscribe themselves (as I
>> do)?
>Rohit's too lazy to read Educom, so I forward the relevant stories to
>him from that list. He asked me to start forking them, so I did.
>I didn't mean to send the whole Educom page that day! Doh! Looks like
>my emacs got ahead of me...
>> Just a thought.
>Thanks for the thought.
> Adam