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From: S. Mike Dierken (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 11:00:40 PDT

Do you see MUDs coming back as a sample peer-to-peer application?
Fully browser based, rich media, people sharing rooms marked up in XML?


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> To: Tom Whore
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> Tom Whore wrote:
> > IRC used to be a great place to have real time discours, pic up
> chix, and
> > trade in the knowing. As with all things time has lowered the
> > expectations.
> Before doing the buddy list thang, I was always a MUD guy. Tiny*
> rocked. I kind of lost interest in
> MUDs per se when they eventually morphed from interesting virtual
> places into overly complex
> underrealized chatrooms. (This happened around 1991.) Seems to
> me that IRC has always been kinda the
> worst of both worlds: cryptic but powerful interface and room
> (well, channel) metaphor ala MUDs, but
> without everything else aka the good stuff; way more nav /
> management overhead than buddy lists. But
> damn, everybody uses irc.
> Hey, anybody here in Societe Anonyme? (Tokyo Joe's stock trading
> for-pay irc channel?)
> jb

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