Re: wired vs. wireless

Ian Andrew Bell (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 12:46:49 -0700

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Yes. Special discount on refurb 2500s available (I will be selling them
from the trunk of my car at the Oakland Swap Meet). :)


"Joseph S. Barrera III" wrote:
> > Consider Proxima for a home wireless network. Let's you move things
> > around without digging new holes in your walls.
> (You mean Proxim, not Proxima -- Proxima makes projectors)
> I decided to run cable because I wanted the full 100Mb/s
> (and soon, 1Gb/s) that cat-5 can/will provide. And I wanted
> to stick with a technology I knew would work... I already
> have enough computer problems in my life; I don't want to
> have to worry about the network as well. Perhaps this sounds
> very buy-IBMish (or I guess, buy-CISCOish?); so be it...
> - Joe

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