Quark and Adobe to Resume Hostilities at Seybold

Sally Khudairi (sk@zotgroup.com)
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 10:41:41 -0400

[from Computergram Int'l]

Quark and Adobe to Resume Hostilities at Seybold

Section: 04. Barbed Wire

Last year's Seybold Publishing Conference in San Francisco was the setting
for a major battle between Quark Inc and Adobe
Systems Inc, following Quark's unsuccessful attempt to acquire Adobe, and
the first demonstrations of Adobe's K2 "Quark
killer" application, which is now shipping as InDesign for a price tag of
less than $300. Both Adobe and Quark have booked
press conference facilities for this year's show, which begins next week,
along with Xerox Corp, Apple Computer Inc, Canon Inc
and Eastman Kodak Co. Apple's Steve Jobs is the keynote speaker on Tuesday
morning, and Adobe's president and chairman
Charles Geschke and Quark's chairman and chief technology officer Tim Gill
will both be on the same industry panel discussing
"next generation tools" at the Wednesday morning keynote.

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