a question for you dutch speakers out there

Joseph S. Barrera III (joe@barrera.org)
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 17:10:56 -0700

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What is Dutch for "to have been fucked"?
Is it "gefucked"?
How about "to have been fucked over"?
Would it be "ubergefucked",
or "geuberfucked", or what?

Ink-wiring minds want to know...

- Joe

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What = is Dutch for=20 "to have been fucked"?
Is it=20 "gefucked"?
How = about "to have=20 been fucked over"?
Would = it be=20 "ubergefucked",
or = "geuberfucked",=20 or what?
Ink-wiring minds=20 want to know...
-=20 Joe