OBI News: Testimonials for OBI V2.0 Standard

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Tue, 24 Aug 1999 07:52:39 -0400

The Open Buying on the Internet Consortium Issues OBI V2.0 Standard


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"Version 2.0 represents a significant step in the evolution of the OBI
standard, a process that has already proven it's worth in cutting the costs
of procurement transactions and facilitating e-commerce. V2.0 represents a
polishing of the existing standard based on real world experience from a
cross section of leading companies. This means that future adopters don't
have to worry about buying into an unproven solution."
--Weyman Watson, E-commerce Consulting Services Manager, BOC Gases

"With savings of over $100 per transaction over traditional purchase
order-based procurement, you can see why many large companies are
implementing Internet-based business-to-business commerce implementations
for MRO commodities, which represent over 80% of large business's
purchases. To protect the investments of our OBI Toolkit customers, we are
providing a product upgrade to ensure that suppliers and buyers who are
running different B2B protocols can interoperate with each other."
-- Dave Liggett, Vice President, EPIC Systems

"In leveraging open standards, the OBI model provides EMall participants an
effective and sensible approach in enabling secure eCommerce procurement.
The OBI solution is one that is transferable to other E-Commerce trading
relationships, as well.
-- Nancy Burke, Director of MIS/EMall Project Manager, Commonwealth of

"At Staples, our customers are implementing e-commerce solutions to save
time and money. OBI Version 2.0 makes it even easier for them to do
business with us over the Internet. In developing these standards, OBI
continues to keep pace with the rapid evolution of B-to-B e-commerce."
-- Anne-Marie Keane, VP Contract Marketing, Staples Inc.

"In order to truly realize the potential of Internet Commerce, it is vital
that open and interoperable standards are successfully developed,
implemented and evolved. The OBI Consortium focus is to define such
standards for Business-to-Business Internet Procurement. Through the OBI
Standard, and other emerging open standards, Intelisys is extending the
reach of buying organizations to their trading partners. We work to enhance
buyer-supplier relationships and cut costs in the transaction process a
win-win situation for all parties involved. The successful commercial
implementation of OBI version 1.1 of the standard has resulted in an
evolution to version 2.0, a fully scaleable and interoperable framework
which will carry OBI into the next millenium."
-- Peter Rawlinson, Director of Product Management, Intelisys Electronic

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