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The $6 Billion Giveaway

Credit Microsoft as one company that learns from looking like a fool.
After months of getting kicked around by the press for its bumbling
antitrust-trial antics, Redmond spinmeisters tasted revenge today.

Gates & Co. turned to its favorite weapon - money - and bought a new
image in the form of the freshly minted Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation. Trading on the provocative announcement that the
foundation expects to donate $6 billion to advance vaccine
development, the Redmond empire let loose with a round of news
releases and leaks that left the media not knowing what hit it.

Yeppers, vaccine for malaria. Not so sexy - it's just a third world
epidemic. Certainly the gift is the height of contrivance. And the MEDIA -
sans IDG, who sees thru this bogousity - once again falls unwitting prey to
the Evil Empire . . .

No tax benefit - Gates surpassed that limit a long time ago. I'm sure he
could buy better press for $6 billion. So what's his motive? I fully expect
IDG to complain that Gates is just saving these people from malaria so they
can face the horrors of starvation instead. Bill is, afterall, the consumate

Give the man a break,